Studio Facilities

P8 Studios shall make the Studio, Engineer(s) and/or 3rd party producers available to the Client for the Period of the booking. Every effort will be made by P8 Studios 3rd party producers to complete the Clients work on time and to a standard acceptable to the Client, however P8 Studios does not accept liability for, and will not be liable for damages where projects run over a scheduled time.


Whilst you will pay a booking deposit to P8 Studios and liaise with us during your booking process, it’s important you understand we do not employ any producer direct and rely on a small team of 3rd party (or outsourced) producers to work with our clients.

The producers we refer our clients to are self employed and as such we act as an agency, referring the client to the producer. We take special care to source producers that meet our recording, and customer care standards. Although you will be working with a producer who is not in any way directly affiliated to, or working for P8 Studios, we pride ourselves on providing great customer care throughout your recording process. We trust the producers we use and expect them to represent P8 Studios professionally at all times.

The Client Upon Booking Agrees To

Ensure the suitability of the studio for the Client's purpose including all equipment, parking times, rest areas etc.

Refrain from drinking alcohol whilst in a session unless agreed to by the producer(s).

The Fees

The Client shall pay the whole of the fees, minus deposit already paid, upon completion of the recording and once the recording has been burned to CD media. If payment is not made then, P8 Studios, along with any 3rd party producers can withhold the recorded material until payment has been made in full. Interest will be charged at 5% for late payments.


Standard booking: The Client acknowledges that the studio deposit is not refundable under any circumstances apart from if the Client wishes to cancel the session no later than one week (7 days) prior to recording. If a deposit be paid before a session is booked and no session ever get's booked, we will return the deposit in full (unless no request has been made for the deposit within 2 consecutive months).

Gift Vouchers: Vouchers are valid for 1 year. No refunds are given on purchased vouchers.

Recorded media: The Client agrees that P8 Studios offer no forms of return or money back policies once a recording has been completed due to the nature of recorded digital media and the ease of duplication.

Online Production: The client will receive a watermarked version of their song after about two hours production. If the client accepts the production and asks the producer to continue work then no refund will be given. Once the final file is delivered un-watermarked we can not issue refunds due to the nature of recorded digital media and the ease of duplication.

Personnel And Equipment

P8 Studios can not be held responsible for any damages of any nature whilst on the premises of a producer we have referred you to. All 3rd party producers should have their own liability insurance and you should check with them first if you would like to see it.


The Client hereby agrees that P8 Studios shall not be liable for any injury, loss, damage, costs and/or expenses suffered by the Client arising from:

The Client's making, use or exploitation of the Recordings

Any copyright issues with the Clients Recorded Material, including anything that constitutes a breach or infringement of any copyright or which shall be in any way illegal. The Client will indemnify P8 Studios against any liability in respect thereof and shall pay all costs and expenses which may be incurred by the Company in reference to any such claim. The indemnity shall extend to any amount paid on a lawyer's advice in respect of any such claim.

Studio Cancellation And Breakdown

In the rare instances that P8 Studios must cancel a booking, the Client will either get a rescheduled booking or a refund of any deposits paid.