One song. One day.

Come in the studio for one day and recording one full song!!

(all rates include engineer)

P8 Studios provides you with leading edge tools & technologies found in all major recording studios around the world, we want your art to be the primary focus. Having said that, giving you [the artist] a space where creativity can flow freely always come first.


Don't calibrate your thinking to what common wisdom says is what you should be working on or thinking about. Guard against arrogance and insularity. And leave yourself open to serendipity. That's where invention flows from.

George Massenberg


Sessions can also be purchased in larger blocks for added savings.

  • 8hr block » $360 (save 5%)
  • 12hr block » $540 (save 10%)
  • 16hr block » $680 (save 15%)
  • 40hr block » $1600 (save 20%)

(time blocks can be scheduled consecutively to limit teardown)

Why get your songs professionally mixed?

Because you more than likely need another set of ears.

(all mixing and mastering projects are based on a flat rate)

Of course, you've made sure all of your tracks have been properly recorded. Levels are good, tones are good...but at this point, you more than likely need another set of ears to carry your project through the mixing stage. As legendary producer Joe Chiccarelli puts it:


when you're spending months on a project you get so mired in the detail that you can't bring all the enthusiasm to the final [mixing] stage that you'd like. [You] need somebody else to take over those responsibilities so that you can sit back and regain your objectivity.


Included in every mix:
  • Proper Gain Staging, EQ, Compression, and effects such as Delay & Reverb;
  • 2 revisions based on your comments/feedback.
  • For an extra $300 per song, we will spend a few hours doing minor editing like time aligning, comping and tunning tracks.


The most important part of this whole process is YOU! We want you to be involved, and honestly, we need you to be involved to ensure we're headed in the right direction. After each initial mix, we ask that you give us your impression and feedback. We'll incorporate those and come back to you for some final feedback. After all of that, we're convinced you'll have a mix you are completely happy with!

(all mixing and mastering projects are based on a flat rate)

Although you ultimately have the last word, serious considerations should be given to the mastering process. Wether it's a digital or CD release, having your songs and/or album mastered can have a dramatic impact on the end result!


Included in every master:
  • Dynamics Balancing, Stereo Imaging, Limiting, Custom Spacing & Cross-Fades;
  • Addition of provided ISRC codes.
  • Addition of CD-Text information (Artist, Title, and Track Names that can be displayed by some CD players) and METADATA.
  • High quality MP3 and WAV files.